The "Bavarian Blue" History and Future

Dieter Rahner founded "Bavarian Blue" as a band playing Bluegrass, Folk, Country and Blues in 1978 as he wanted to make some "fun music" with some friends for a show called "Der wilde wilde Westen" (The wild, wild west). They were looking for printed music and ran across some Bluegrass tunes including "Soldiers Joy" and "Fire On The Mountain". Ever since he played the 5-string banjo as his first love. Over the years he has found many friends sharing "his" music and fun in promoting it.

K i c k • o f f • 1 9 7 8!

Erika Held-Busch • Karl-Heinz Hummel • Horst Biesalski • Dieter Rahner • Dieter Wirth

cB a v a r i a n • B l u e • 1 9 8 8

Michael Rahner • Jürgen Rahner • Hans-Werner Sahm • Dieter Rahner • Suse Schöttle

A nearly "family band"!

B a v a r i a n • B l u e • 1 9 9 0

Jürgen Rahner • Hänsel Graf • Michael Rahner • Hans-Werner Sahm • Suse Schöttle • Dieter Rahner

B a v a r i a n • B l u e • 1 9 9 2

Jürgen Rahner • Hänsel Graf • Rupert Paulik • Suse Schöttle • Michael Rahner • Dieter Rahner

Jürgen and Michael changed the instruments after some time to have a new sound and experience for themselves and the band.

B a v a r i a n • B l u e • 1 9 9 6

Hänsel Graf • Claus Gstatter• Dieter Rahner • Elisabeth Teuschel

Sometimes big, sometimes small, "Bavarian Blue" gets you all!

B a v a r i a n • B l u e • 1 9 9 6 im Rattlesnake Saloon

Hänsel Graf • Michael Rahner • Dieter Rahner • Elisabeth Teuschel • Thomas Fenzel • Jaroslav Tomes

Munichs Bluegrass Concerts Mekka - What would it be without their visit?

B a v a r i a n • B l u e • 1 9 9 7

Jaroslav Tomes • Andy Gail • Michael Rahner • Elisabeth Teuschel • Hänsel Graf • Dieter Rahner

"Bavarian Blue" sounds so fine in its prime time!

B a v a r i a n • B l u e • 1 9 9 8

Dieter Rahner celebrates 20 Years "Bavarian Blue" at the Hillbilly Heaven in Kirchdorf with his musicians and friends of bluena_t11.jpg - 6816 Bytes, Foreign Affairs, Huckleberry Five, Heartbreaker, Honey Suckle String Band Matching Ties, Patchwork, Wolfes' Gang and

Y O U!

Come and join us if you want to hear the Bluegrass growing - at the first Hillbilly Heaven Bluegrass Musicians Meeting, 14. June 1998 in Kirchdorf (Freising, Germany). If you miss it - you miss it all!

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