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The music of FOREIGN AFFAIRS has long been considered a real insider tip in the German bluegrass scene. Every "Grasser's" heart flows over at their performances. Four full-blooded musicians, featuring the American singer Marilyn Barclay, promise an exceptionally refreshing mixture of acoustic music. Their roots are in bluegrass, but they step across boundaries into pop, swing, rock, blues, and jazz. Acoustic upright bass, rhythm and lead acoustic guitars, banjo, dobro, fiddle, and especially the four-voice a cappella numbers set FOREIGN AFFAIRS apart from just your ordinary acoustic band.

The Munich-based FOREIGN AFFAIRS has accomplished much in their short history. Founded in 1991, they have since appeared at festivals from Switzerland to the Czech Republic, often in Austria and all over Germany. In 1996 they were awarded Newcomer of the Year by the German American Country Music Federation. Other nominations include the Country Circle Magazine's Horizon Award and Female Vocalist, the Fernfahrer Magazine's Golden Truck, and the Bluegrass Bühne Magazine's Bluegrass Award. They have been featured on numerous television and radio programs and have shared the stage with such American/British main acts as Albert Lee, Jann Browne, California, The Forester Sisters, the Zydeco Party Band, and Bluegrass Etc.

The repertoire of FOREIGN AFFAIRS features original songs and instrumental numbers, as well as traditional and cover tunes, and the a capella gospel numbers for which they are renowned.

As four folks from four different countries, FOREIGN AFFAIRS have remained true to their name and blend each of their nationally influenced and cultivated personal and musical styles with an infectious, fun-loving spirit that spills over onto their audiences. Their intriguing musical arrangements and charming stage manner keeps people coming back for more and more.

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