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Hillbilly Heaven Promo CD

The Hillbilly Heaven Promo CD is out! Rudi Vogel, Henrik Baartz and Dieter Rahner have finally produced this spot light CD on the Bluegrass scene in southern Germany. There is no intention for perfectionism in this homemade issue, but we have tried to catch the vivid tone, the spirit on stage and the impression of the day here. Many bands are recorded for this first time and a lot of fun and jokes is found here. Visit the Hillbilly Heaven 1998 page to see the bands. Sorry, this limited edition CD is no longer available.

Hillbilly Heaven 1998 cover

My Grass Is Blue (Bavarian Blue) / Cripple Creek (Bavarian Blue) / Dear Old Dixie (Bavarian Blue) / Riding My Thumb To Mexico (bluena_t11.jpg - 6816 Bytes) / Always On A Mountain (bluena_t11.jpg - 6816 Bytes) / Medley (Seagulls & Friends) / Maid In The Garret (Seagulls & Friends) / Old Flames (Backroad & Friends) / Crossing The Bridge (Matching Ties) / Lady Be Good (Matching Ties) / Who's That Knocking (Heartbreaker) / All The Good Things (Blue Side Of Grass) / You Donīt Love Me Anymore (Blue Side Of Grass) / Shady Grove (Session Band) / Working On A Building (Session Band) / Bury Me Beneath The Willow (Foreign Affairs) / Sweetheart Of Mine (Foreign Affairs) / Walls Of Time (Foreign Affairs)

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