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The bluena_t11.jpg - 6816 Bytes Bluegrass World offers you various possibilities for communication and interaction. Here you can find and post events (events), contact musicians (musicians), discuss (forum and chat), offer and find used (stringed) instruments and musicalia (market), or simply leave a general message (pinboard).

The international areas "events" and "pinboard" are in English while the other areas are in German. They may be self explanatory, and you are certainly welcome to also search them and post messages in English.

Through the link "Club" you can also join our mailing list (usually in German) on musicians meetings and nice events in the Munich area.

Please only use this website for acoustic music with stringed instruments. It will always be as good and effective as you make it.

The bluena_t11.jpg - 6816 Bytes Bluegrass World
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