Instruction for the Calendar of Events

Click on the main window to set this window in the background if you donŽt need help. For help click the categories on the right!

Searching an event

To search an event you can select a category, day, or month. By clicking on it a new page will display up to 20 events at one time listed in this category and tell you the total number of events in this area. By clicking, you can "scroll" to the next events if any. If you do not select a category, you can directly search all categories with your search terms.

If you want to restrict the number of hits in a category use the "search" field. Type in search terms, e. g. a country, a month, a bands name etc. Use "advanced search" if the results are too manyfold or not satisfactory.

Hints: Think twice if your term will not lead to your favorite result. E. g. you might find your event by using United Kingdom, Great Britain, England, Scotland or the like, depending on what the poster used.

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  • Posting an event


    This database lives through exactly you as a contributor posting events. Do it and tell all your friends to do so. Established in September 1999 it can be your fantastic forum for any kind of event in the field growing to a powerful information source for musicians, listeners, promoters etc. We appreciate your help very much.

    First time users:

    To post an event for the first time click on the "register" sign in the tool bar. You will find a form to enter your Email and are asked to give a password. You can use anything provided no one else used it before. Please carefully fill in your contact data. This is only required once. You can edit these data later if required. If you join the mailing list, you will additionally receive informative e-mails from the administrator on chnages in the calendar or a specific event or news about the scene.

    Once you are registered, press "add events". Select up to three categories and fill in the event data. Required fields are marked with an asterisk. If you have the time and information give as much as possible information which may be of interest to the users. Event URL's and phone numbers are highly recommended if available. Preview your event data carefully and them post them. Please only post them if they are not posted already. You will receive an Email confirming event submission with all this information including your password and event ID number.

    Returning users:

    Just fill in you Email and password to log in and post your event(s).

    Multiple posting:

    If you are logged in, you can post many events without having to log in again. Multiple posting of the same event is not possible. If you feel that this is a event of major interest, you may contact the administrator and request it as a featured event. If you have events which fit several categories (e.g.) festivals you can repeatedly post them to up to five categories.

    Hints: Remember your password! This is required for editing and deleting your event(s). See your confirmatory mails for a forgotten password or have it resent to you.

    Boy, this is all boring...

    You can not wake Žem all - but maybe you donŽt want Žem all there!

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  • Featured Events

    If you feel that this is a event of major interest, you may contact the administrator and request it as a featured event.

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  • Editing an event

    To edit an event click on the "edit event" sign in the tool bar. Log in by giving the event ID number you want to edit and your password. See your confirmation mail or search the database to find the ID number if necessary. The next form will display all event data. After editing them, preview the changes and post them.

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  • Deleting an event

    To delete an event click go to the "my calendar" sign in the tool bar. Log in and select the questioned event. The next form will display all event data. If you are sure that this is the correct event, delete it.

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  • Sponsor

    The bluena_t11.jpg - 6816 Bytes Bluegrass World home page is sponsored by the Streichholz-Schachtel stringed instruments shop. This helps us to provide you the free service of this database and other services including a message pinboard, musicians contact list and the like. You are encouraged to visit our sponsor to see what else they can do for you!

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